Wachau Valley -Durnstein, Austria

April 19, 2017 - wanderwizard

Wachau Valley – The Treasure of Austria

What are my fears?

What are my hungers?

Who am I?

Just an infinitesimal being,

reminding myself to breathe,

watching this stunning beauty!

The Wachau Way

There are lots of Wachau Valley tours that take you through the circular trail-

from Vienna to Melk, a cruise to Krems, and a ride back to Vienna.

Cruising was too disciplined for us– a group of six girls. So, we customized it with a tinge of thrill. We didn’t book anything beforehand and decided to ramble like a local. In this unknown country without the knowledge of native language, we planned to go with the flow. The unpredictability was daunting.

We took an early morning train from Vienna to Melk. Within minutes you shift from urban dynamo to lush countryside. Melk is a small town peppered with astonishing European style houses and shops. Melk Abbey hovers over the town like a crown.

The cruise honked, 6 wine glasses clinked in cheers and our voyage into the arms of nature began. The view of fjord is so pretty that it will haunt you in your dreams when you return to your quotidian life. We spotted traces of castles and stunning huts on either side of the river. It is so ridiculously gorgeous that no one can avoid it. In an hour we reached our stop– Spitz, a tiny town nestled in between Melk and Krems.

Spitz has sporadic crowd and marvelous cafes basking along the riverside. While the 3 amongst us went looking for bikes to hire, 2 went for a stroll, I sat in one of the cafes and tried an Austrian pork dish– Leberkase. The bike hunters took ages to return. Partly because finding 6 bicycles was tricky and partly because they were clicking pictures of every nook of this alluring town.

A friend took a piece of my leberkase. She found it so good that to my dismay she seized my entire plate. Mouthful she asked me what it was. To which I innocently replied, “Dog.”
She cringed for a moment, stuffed another piece in her mouth and said, “It’s heavenly!”
Plan failed.

We pedaled on our pilgrimage to Durnstein. Danube ran with us on our right and intoxicating vineyards laced along on our left. At Durnstein we soaked in the view of ethereal twilight. There was a lot of character to this town but we did not have time to unfold it. We had to look for a conveyance to Krems. There was no trace of human race after sunset. The signs were unfathomably in German. The place got daring from desirable. Luckily, we found 2 tourists in our wanderings who guided us to the bus stop. A bus arrived and we scattered inside it because everyone wanted a window seat. After having a hearty meal at Krems, we boarded a train to Vienna with crumpled legs. The fairytale expedition came to an end.

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