Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Islands

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Things to do in Heavenly Havelock Islands

  1. Riding the waves at Radhanagar Beach:

    This beach was voted as ‘the best beach in Asia’ in Time magazine. And, it indeed is the best. The beach has literally no rocks. You won’t even see one sea shell here. It is the cleanest beach that I have ever come across and the water is clear as a crystal! You get the best sunset view here (if it is not cloudy, of course). Even though Radhanagar beach is the most popular beach in Havelock islands, it is hardly crowded. You can enjoy in the water peacefully for hours and you won’t feel like getting out of it!

  2. Snorkeling and water sports at Elephant Beach:

    You will be taken on a speed/motor boat to reach elephant beach.  That ride in itself is another joy. Snorkeling involves looking at the beautiful corals, fishes and sea animals from the water surface itself. So you are not completely underwater while snorkeling. You should definitely do this activity at the elephant beach as the water there is so blue! Also, indulge in some water sports like jet ski and banana boat which are also available there.

  3. Say Scuba!! :

    Scuba Diving, Havelock Islands
    You cannot go to Andamans and not do Scuba diving. And no matter how scary or hard it sounds, it is actually very easy! An 11 year old kid to an 89 year old grandpa can do this! Scuba diving experience is one that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Make sure to register yourself with a good organization that carries out scuba diving. The trainers/guide will ensure your safety at all times and will give you proper training before they take you underwater. The view is breathtaking!!! That feeling of being underwater, swimming with the fishes and seeing beautiful corals is unbelievable.

  4. Eat a fishy dish:

    Tasty Fish, Havelock Islands

    Tasty Fish, Havelock Islands

    You should always eat like a Roman when in Rome. Drink different types of coconut water. Go to a popular but a local street restaurant and order some lip smacking sea food! Fish, prawn, squids are some of the items you should definitely have at Havelock. And DO NOT forget the crab! Eating crab cooked in a local style is delicious! My advise would be to avoid five star type of restaurants and eat at a small local eatery where you will get truer and more flavourful food.

  5. Don’t rush it:

    Havelock Islands

    Havelock Islands

    Enjoy the calmness of the island. Hire a cycle or a bike for a day and roam around. Enjoy the greenery and screen your necks to see the huge coconut trees passing by. Walk on the soft sand, collect sea shells, laze in the water, have a long leisurely lunch by the sea, gaze up at the starry sky and just be.

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