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September 7, 2015 - wanderwizard

Choosing the Best Lansdowne Resort for your Stay

Most of us have a notion that all hill stations are similar to each other. This notion will crack open and laugh in your face when you visit Lansdowne. It is just a small town in the hills when it comes to places to see and eat; but a huge city when it comes to walking from one place to another. Therefore, the Lansdowne resort you pick to stay in will play a major role in how good or bad your trip goes. Different people have different expectations from a trip. It is important that your choice of hotel fits best with your interests. That is why the following list of Lansdowne resorts is presented to you with useful and crucial details.

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Resorts in Lansdowne

A general opinion about all Lansdowne Resorts is that they are not super luxurious but pricey. The cost element is due to the fact that Lansdowne is closer to Delhi and the hotel options are limited.

Fairydale Lansdowne Resort

If you are travelling in a group of friends then Fairydale resort, Lansdowne is highly recommended because it is a complete package.

Location: Centrally Located.

Food: Nice food. You would not need to go anywhere else for meals or snacks.

Rooms: Old property, needs better maintenance/renovation. All kinds of rooms available like double beds and cottage type.

Other Features: Parking area is available.

Website: Fairydale Lansdowne Resort.


Tip n Top GMVN Lansdowne Resort

Tip n Top, also known as Tip in Top is the highest point in Lansdowne. GMVN has various resorts in Lansdowne. The ones which are at this point are known as Tip n Top resort.

Location: Away from the market. St. Mary’s Church and St. John’s church are nearby. Superb view.

Food: There are no restaurants nearby since market is a bit far away. However, the hotel serves really nice food. Although the number of options is not plenty, but everything they make is delicious.

Rooms: Machan huts have small and cute rooms. There are only 2 Machan Huts and each can accommodate only 1 double bed. If this suits your requirements then do not look elsewhere; this is the best place to stay in the lap of nature.
Family suits are pretty spacious with bedrooms, living area and balcony. It would be like small house of your own.

Other Features: Parking area is available.

Website: GMVN Tip in Top Lansdowne Resort.

Tip n Top Lansdowne Resorts

Tip in Top Lansdowne Resorts

Machan Huts Lansdowne Resort

Machan Huts Lansdowne Resort


GMVN TRH Lansdowne

The location of GMVN Tip n Top and GMVN Tourist Rest House (TRH) are different.

Location: Closer to the market as compared to Tip n Top.

Rooms: Online booking is available. Decent rooms. Family rooms with four beds are also available. First floor rooms are recommended because of better view, while the ground floor rooms have easy access to the garden area.

Other Features: Parking area is available. Cheaper than tip n Top.

Website: GMVN TRH Lansdowne Resort.


Hotel Blue Pine Resort Lansdowne

If you are looking for a luxury Lansdowne Resort then this is the one. All the activities like playing, partying and view watching can be done from within Hotel Blue Pine. This hotel is not for those who wish to explore each and every corner of Lansdowne, take walks on the solid, narrow roads surrounded by trees and enjoy creepy, silent nights.

Location: At the entry of Lansdowne – on the main road.

Food: Food quality is very good, you order from the restaurant menu. If you look for more cafes options then you will have to drive all the way inside the town to the market.

Rooms: Neat and clean rooms. Good amenities.

Other Features: Parking area is available. Luxury Resort because of availability of gym, pool table, carom board and DJ at night.

Website: Blue Pine Resort Lansdowne.


Kasang Regency Hill Lansdowne Resort

Location: On the main road to Lansdowne – before the town toll.

Food: Food is nice. You can either opt for buffet or order from restaurant menu.

Rooms: Comfortable rooms with nice view of the valley. Different types of rooms available – you even have a choice of interconnected rooms

Other Features: Parking area is available. Games include TT and badminton. Gym is also available. Bonfire and DJ night arrangements on request.

Website: Kasang Regency Hill Resort Lansdowne.

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