The Great Hall, Harry Potter Studio London

August 30, 2015 - wanderwizard

Harry Potter Studio London – A Magical Experience

How silly of us to think that Harry Potter was over after the release of the seventh book. All of us have had that uncomfortable sinking feeling after harry potter series got finished. It felt as if our time in our magical fantasy world had ended. Many of us have read the books more than once, most of us have seen the movies again and again, while the crazy ones among us have also dueled on the pottermore website. Many efforts from the fans, the crew, J.K Rowling and Warner bro studios London have been made to keep Harry Potter alive. And one of them is the Harry Potter Studio London.

What is Harry Potter Studio in London?

The Warner Bro studio in London which was setup to shoot all the Harry Potter movies has now been converted into a museum which is known as the Harry Potter Studio. This is the very place where the making of Harry Potter took place. You can visit this remarkable London studio by buying tickets to Warner Bro Studio tour London at their website.
Clearly, the Warner Bro studio tour prices are quite high. We do not even get 1+1 on these tickets. But once you visit this extraordinary place you will realize that every penny was worth it. This studio tour is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in London.

Entry to Harry Potter Studio London

Entry to Harry Potter Studio London

How to Reach Warner Bros Studio?

Reach the Watford Junction station. A shuttle bus is available from there to take you to the Warner bros studio. (You will have no problem in recognizing the bus.) Checkout this link to view the map.

Inside Harry Potter Studio London

Inside Harry Potter Studio London

What is Inside Harry Potter Studios London?

There are sets and props which were used in the Making of Harry Potter. An LCD TV is placed at each and every set. This TV screen repeatedly plays the scene from the movies where that particular set or prop was used. There is a Harry Potter gift shop at the end of the tour. The die hard fans would certainly end up with a hole in their pockets at this souvenir shop. Half way through the tour, you will reach a cafeteria. Their standard drink is the butter beer. The following picture gallery will give you a glimpse of the studio tour without spoiling the surprise.


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