Arambol Beach - places to visit in Goa

August 27, 2015 - wanderwizard

Arambol Beach Hidden Treasures

Every Goa enthusiast must have heard of the divine Arambol beach. Since it is now included in almost every internet article on best places to visit in Goa, Arambol beach has become quite popular. It is neither fully secluded nor annoyingly crowded like Baga or Calangute.

What makes Arambol Beach so amazing?

Road to Arambol Beach:

Arambol resides in North Goa. On your way you will find different kinds of trees standing tall to greet you. The cool breeze as a result of trees and water bodies will add to your excitement. On one patch (if you are travelling from South Goa to North Goa), you will encounter rocky mountains on both the sides and it would feel as if you are riding through a natural tunnel.

Glastonbury Street Arambol:

The main road branches out to a narrow path leading to the Arambol Beach. This narrow road is full of shops that sell various types of clothes (the likes you wear in Goa), artificial jewelry, leather diaries, magnets, mugs, cheap goggles and what not! This market is called the Glastonbury Street. The shops are run by the locals so the items are unique and inexpensive.

Arambol Beach, Places to Visit in Goa

Arambol Beach, Places to Visit in Goa

The Cliff at Arambol Beach:

You can see a small cliff on the right (if you are facing the sea) of Arambol beach. Just the very view of this tree covered hill is soothing to the eyes. At its foot rests the sea water which plays around huge rocks. However, you can do much more than just lay on the sand and enjoy the panorama. You can (and you should) climb the cliff and cross it. There is a flea market on the way, from where you can purchase Goa souvenirs. There are also ample of restaurants on the hill way that serve really good food. You could simply enjoy watching the sunset from one of these cafes. But the entertainment does not stop here. When you cross the cliff, you will enter the other side of the beach. Here the water is much cleaner and the shack owners offer you sports like paragliding. There is also a sweet water lake for which Arambol is pretty famous. (Although the lake water is very dirty).

The Banyan Tree and Money Stone:

Your adventures in Arambol Beach do not end at sweet water lake. Ask anybody “Where does baba sit?”. Once you know the direction, start climbing. It is a small trek to a Banyan Tree. Once you reach there, you will feel like you have entered a completely different world. A baba resides at a huge banyan tree along with his followers. Many people from different cultures sit around the tree , and chat, smoke, sing together. Also, there is a stone bowl which is popularly known as The Money Stone. Engraved in the stone is a saying – “GIVE IF YOU CAN, TAKE IF YOU HAVE TO”.

Money Stone, Arambol Beach

Money Stone, Arambol Beach

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