February 18, 2015 - the girl in the black dress

5 Cafes Perfect for Hanging out in Mumbai



Note: This is a guest article. Compliments from – “the girl in the black dress”.


  1. Dinshaw’s Xpress Café (Andheri and Oshiwara):Dinshaw’s is a cozy and cute place for friends to hang out, play good games, listen to music and have good food! The café’s wall has fun quotes and pictures like “I love you more than waffles”. They have Uno cards and board games which are fun to play with, while you are waiting for the food! They make everything from scratch which is why the food is always good and fresh. The service is slow ,but the games make you patient and the food is worth the wait. One dish to definitely try out here is the marshmallow waffles- It just melts in your mouth!
  2. Candies (Pali Hill, Bandra West):Unlike the above cafe, candies is huge in size! The best thing about this place is its ambiance. It has indoor as well as outdoor seating. Outdoor seating is perfect for friends who are meeting after a long time and just want to gossip for hours! It is a great place for dessert lovers due to its vast variety of cupcakes. You will even get an angry bird cupcake here!
  3. Red box café (Lokhandwala, Andheri West):Red box cafe is known for its music and ambiance. The whole time that you are here, you are nodding your head in tune with the music. The food is good and the menu is vast. They have happy hours too! It’s completely apt for partying with your friends. The starters have a lot of choice and one should definitely have starters the most here. One dish that rules at red box is the lemon and thyme chicken.
  4. Eat around the corner (Bandra West):First of all, the ambiance is just so lovely! Their wall painting depicts a story of two people meeting and falling in love! The café is actually situated at a corner, so the name is bang on. There is a large variety of breads available here which you wouldn’t find in any other reasonably priced café in Mumbai. Menu consists of a lot of healthy options .The place is known for good breakfast, so it is pretty crowded in the morning.
  5. Ray’s café &Pizzeria (Bandra West):This is a cute little place at Hill Road. It is a bit difficult to locate as it is extremely small but nevertheless, very beautiful as it gives a nice homely vibe. The starters and pastas are  delicious. The best thing is that it is quiet and secluded which serves as a getaway to the people from the Bandra shopping madness.

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