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Nightlife in Goa

When the stars come out, a unique part of Goa wakes up. So, if you want to experience this shade of Goa, do not even think about sleeping before 4:00 am. Here is a list of amazing nightlife spots of Goa:

Club Cubana, Nightlife in Goa

Club Cubana, Nightlife in Goa


  • Club Cubana: There is a reason that Club Cubana is at the top of this list – there is absolutely nothing like Club Cubana. It is located at a hilltop. There are open seating areas with stunning ambiance. There is an open bar; you have to pay for food. Food menu is limited, but the pizzas are great. Club Cubana has zero tolerance towards drugs. The dance floor is excellent and so is the music. An all girls group is always welcome in the club – and they have Ladies Night on Wednesdays, so you don’t even have to pay for entry or booze. Couples have an entry fees of about Rs. 1800 which includes free drinks. Stag entry for boys is not allowed.
  • Tito’s Lane: Tito’s Lane, Baga starts breathing at night. The street is so lively and bright that you will forget sleep no matter how tired you are. There are a number of pubs in this street- Tito’s, Mambo’s, Cape Town and Cocktails & Dreams. Tito’s , Mambo’s and Cape Town do not allow stag entry for guys. Even Cocktail & Dreams would not allow stag entry for guys when the pub is full. Although Cocktails & Dreams is the smallest of all the four pubs mentioned, it is the most happening of all due to its front open decor and excellent choice of music.
  • Britto’s: Here we are talking about Britto’s at Baga beach and not Britto’s Bakery at Tito’s Lane. Britto’s arranges special nights like Live Singing, and Karaoke – almost daily. Good service and nice food (especially for non-vegetarians) along with lively environment makes Britto’s a great night-place. It is not the right spot for those who are looking for clubbing.
  • German Bakery: This is not an option for late night parties; but it is an unbeatable indoor place for spending your evening and having dinner. It is open only till 11:00 pm, unless there is a special night event. You just don’t feel like leaving this place. Breathtaking interior design and excellent food options are its best traits. The only problem here is slow service.
  • Casino: Goa is one of the few places in India where gambling is legal. There are a number of casinos in Goa. Some of the good ones are Deltin Royale and Casino Royale. They have separate rooms/floors for different games and events. The entry fees in Goa casinos varies from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 4000 per head, this includes free drinks and dinner. Sometimes entry fees also includes some amount of chips. Dress up properly and do not blow up all your money in the flow of gambling.
  • Beach Shacks: All the beach shacks are decorated with lighting at night. They also do beautiful seating arrangement on the sand. Some of the beach shacks arrange special night parties on weekends. For example, Ryan’s Shack at Candolim organizes party on Friday nights, Curlies at Anjuna schedules it on Thursday nights. If you are done with clubbing, noise and crowded pubs; then simply head to a shack at your nearby beach for a relaxing night.


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