February 2, 2015 - the girl in the black dress

Top 5 Things to do in Spain


Note: This is a guest article. Compliments from – “the girl in the black dress”.

  • GO ON A WALKING TOUR (Granada):   You can’t experience Spain by travelling by taxis. Just wear your sneakers and walk. Walk on the cobbled streets where the cars are not allowed to enter. The narrow streets of Seville and Granada have many stories in itself. Every fountain, statue, building holds some story or the other. Arrange a walking tour with your hotel (it’s normally free or very cheap) and get to know about the history of the city, people, their culture, religious beliefs and much more!
  • FLAMENCO (Seville and Granada): It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of dance or no. You just have to see this. Flamenco is a form of Spanish folk music and dance. It includes singing, dancing, hand claps and guitar. The play of emotions on their faces when they sing and dance is just mesmerizing. Their long flowing gowns, their hand movements, their tap dancing, and the way they click their fingers together makes you want to learn their dance.
  • EAT TAPAS! DRINK SANGRIA! (Seville and Granada): Whenever you go to a new place, the best way to experience their culture is through food, of course! Tapa is a type of appetizer or snack in Spanish cuisine. It maybe a burger or a cannelloni or some french fries but with very small portions. People generally have tapas with beer in the evening with their friends. One dish that you must have is a potato alioli! It is finger licking good. Sangria is a typical beverage from Spain which you must try at least once. The best place to eat tapas is at the roadside restaurants and cafes.
  • SOAK IN THE ARCHITECTURE (Barcelona and Seville): One of the best things about Europe is the architecture. Visit Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and be ready to pick up your jaw from the ground – it is that amazing. It is said to be the best creation of Antoni Gaudi, a famous Spanish architect known for his unconventional and distinctive style. Another palce that you should definitely see is Plaza De Espana of Seville. Go to this place at night as its beauty gets maximized with the play of lights. Also visit visit Cathedral in Spain to see its grandeur and architectural work.
  • LA RAMBLA STREET (Barcelona): La Rambla Street stretches for 1.2 Kms and is very popular with tourists. The street starts with about 10 street artists- people who dress in costumes and stand like statues. It is fun to click pictures with them. Then you will find artists who sketch and paint. You can have your face sketched in about 10 Euros. This street has every single thing! You will find shops, restaurants, ice cream vendors, souvenir shops, street food, people selling lottery tickets, games for kids and the list goes on… Th whole street is lighted up with different designs, and its beautiful! One thing you should definitely do is have an ice cream here because it is really unique with different flavors like Kinder Joy, Red Bull, Hershey’s, Oreo and many more.


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