January 6, 2015 - wanderwizard

On your Way to Shimla

When you visit Shimla, it is not only the destination that you enjoy, but also the journey. Assuming that you are coming towards Shimla from Chandigarh/Delhi direction (NH22) , here is a list of things to do and see on your road trip to Shimla:



  • Pinjore Garden: Pinjore garden is about half an hour drive from Chandigarh. It is a well maintained picnic spot. Fruit trees, mini zoo, fountains and clean grass are the key features of this place. Kids will enjoy camel ride and horse ride right at the garden gate. There is one eating joint inside ; and a few good eateries outside the main garden area. This place is especially recommended for an evening visit because of beautiful lighting.


  • Timber Trail: It is a beautiful resort in Parwanoo. Timber Trail is famous for its trolley ride i.e cable car. On top of the hill lies a super expensive restaurant. The scenic beauty is absolutely stunning. There are indoor games available at the resort like table tennis, carrom, pool etc.


  • Gyani Dhaba: This is an old, famous Dhaba in Dharampur. Dining in here instead of McDonald’s and Dominos is recommended so that you can have something different from your normal touristy boring meals. Gyani’s Dhaba doesn’t have flashy ambience. It serves Indian food, both veg and non veg. Hot roti from tandoor, mouth watering Dal and chicken, and reasonable prices are the trademarks of this place.


  • Sankat Mochan Temple : It is a very renowned Lord Hanuman’s temple near Shimla on NH22. Lord shiva, Lord Rama and Lord Ganesha are also worshipped here. Sankat mochan temple rests on a hilltop which offers a breathtaking view of Shimla.


  • Collectables : HPMC juices, plums, peach, mushroom pickle, lychee, and apples are a few things to pick on your way to or back from Shimla.


  • Photography: Needless to say, the road to Shimla offers excellent spots for photography. Collect the Himalyan range on your cameras. You will find monkeys, dense plantation, narrow gauge railway, tunnels, water valleys and lots of greenery on your way. Don’t forget to capture the area and native people lifestyle on your way to Shimla.

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