December 22, 2014 - wanderwizard

Best Bars in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

  • The Wine Company : Wine Company has managed to have really good outdoor ambience and great indoor ambience. They serve mouth-watering food, both veg and non-veg. Alcohol menu consists of almost all types of wines and other customary alcohol drinks. Surprisingly, the rates are decent as compared to other bars in Cyber Hub. They won’t serve you alcohol if you are under 25 (Yes, you can vote. Yes, you can get married. Yes, you can smoke. But no, no alcohol for you).

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  • Sutra Gastropub : A comparatively newer pub in Cyber Hub. They usually have special nights going on almost daily. A good place to hang out with friends over drinks and snacks.


  • Imperfecto : If you are looking for some loud music and outdoor seating, then imperfecto is the place. Not really the best pub during winters. Food quality is great; quantity, not so much. All types of drinks are available here.


  • Raasta : Every night is a special night at Raasta – Karaoke, Ladies Night, Live Band… They have introduced Bong Cocktails in their menu, which is something different from others. Ambience is okay-ish as compared to The Wine Company and Imperfecto. If you do not order your food fast, the waiters would generally come and recommend Veg Mazze Platter.


  • Soi 7 : Good music, good ambience and nice bar. Food menu is limited; and it is not the best place for those who do not like Thai cuisine.


  • Hard Rock Café : Well, Hard Rock is just Hard Rock.

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