December 20, 2014 - wanderwizard

What NOT to do in Goa

So, all set for Goa? You have decided the beaches and churches you want to visit and the pubs you want to party in; but you don’t yet know the precautions that must be taken in Goa. There is no doubt that Goa is one of the safest holiday destinations in India. You feel free and liberated. However, there are a certain things that must be avoided or kept in check when you are having the best time of your life in this heavenly place. Here is a list of what one should NOT do in Goa:

  • Don’t stay at one place:

Move move move. There is a lot to see. Every beach is better than the other. Every church has a history attached to it. Every restaurant has a speciality dish. Explore.

  • Don’t drive fast:

The roads of Goa are really good and it is awesome to ride a two wheeler when you have great scenic beauty on either side. You are prone to drive fast and this leads to lots of accidents in Goa.

  • Don’t drink a lot:

Don’t get annoyed. The point says “A LOT”. What good is a holiday when you get completely out on a night and the next day is spent handling your hangover? Goa is one such place where you get high on beauty and high on music and atmosphere of parties. Don’t waste your trip days in dealing with your headache.

  • Don’t stay in a costly hotel:

Okay, this might be an open-to-debate point. Your days will be spent on beaches and exploring Goan history. Your nights will be in Casinos or clubs. Why do you have to pay for a costly resort when you can do all of it by booking a decent hotel near a beach?

  • Don’t eat at standard/franchise restaurants:

Eating at the local restaurant and tasting the traditional foods of a place is one of the best experiences on a holiday trip. It is both different and usually cheaper. Find out such restaurants and bars around the place you will be staying at and dine in there.

  • Don’t mix North Goa and South Goa:

You will have to travel a lot. Both north Goa and south Goa give you different a experience. North Goa is the party place while south Goa is quieter. Decide what you want out of your holiday.


There you go. Nothing else to worry about.

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