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Things to do in Goa

If you are visiting Goa for the first time, then this post would make the best first time itinerary for you. And if you have been there before then just pick and choose hings from the following that you haven’t already done.

Goa Things to do

Goa Things to do

Here is a sequential list of tips of spending your vacation in Goa:

  • There are hotels in Goa near Baga Beach. Although Baga is not one of the best beaches in Goa but the street night life is excellent. So, just take a hotel on this street. one of the nominal charging hotels is the Julma Resort. Click Here for the Julma Resort Details.
  • Hire bikes or scooters and visit Calangute beach. This is quite nearby to this night street mentioned in the above point.
  • Get into the water, have some snacks and beer on the shacks, repeat. You also get to do water sports here in this beach.
  • For the sunset time, you must visit the Chapora fort. Make sure that you reach there in time so that you don’t miss the breathtaking sunset view.
  • If you are staying near Baga beach, there is a great roadside shack in between Julma resort and the famous Titos. They make brilliant breakfast and juices. Whether you ask them for scrambled eggs or aloo parantha, you can be sure that they’ll be served fresh and tasty.
  • Now you must visit one of the best beaches in Goa like the Arambol beach. It is a little far away from the city. But the ride to Arambol is amazing and totally worth it.
  • The sand at Arambol is great, the water clean. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones then you will also find a few broken rocks structure from the beach that will remind you of Harrenhal.
  • At night, you can either go to Tito’s or (preferably) Cocktails and Dreams which is in the same street that leads to Baga beach.
  • One of the evenings, you must also visit Augada Fort for the sunset.
  • Goa is also famous for its churches. Lying down on the beaches can take most part of your day, but do visit at least one of the churches in Goa.

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