September 4, 2014 - wanderwizard

Trekking in Triund

Triund is a popular destination for those who wish to trek in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. The trek to Triund hilltop is approx. 9 km one side. McLeod Ganj is the base of this trek.

How to Reach McLeod?

  •  First you reach Dharamshala via flight, train, bus or car.
  •  From Dharamshala you take bus or preferably a cab to Mcleodganj.



  • Start early in the morning; especially if you do not intend to stay the night on the hilltop.
  • If you mean to spend the night at Triund Hilltop then carry tents and sleeping bags.
  • It is always very cold up there so make sure that you have your jackets with you.
  • Carry cash.
  • There are 3 legs of this trek. You can reach the first point by cab. I’d recommend you to take a cab instead of walking to this point because this first phase is mainly road and doesn’t really give you a feel of “trekking”.
  • At this first stop, you will find small restaurants and toilets. Use these facilities well.
  • You still have 75% of the way for trekking. Fill in your stomachs with protein rich food like eggs and milk.
  • Carry water bottles and energy bars or drinks with you.
  • You will also lose your mobile signals before reaching the 2nd point. So, make all your important calls before that.
  • The second stop is called the Magic View Point. There is a shop here that sells Maggie, tea, coffee, biscuits etc. Everything is pretty expensive here.
  • The third phase of the trek is a little painful; because the path gets narrower and you are already tired by now.
  • The hilltop has a couple of overly expensive shops that cook food, keep snacks, beer and all the emergency stuff.


When you reach the hilltop, every pain that you had taken to reach there, every penny that you had spent on the way seem worth it. The beauty of snow covered mountains is beyond what words can describe.

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